Dragon City Hack – Unlimited Gems Gold Food for FREE!

Now, Dragon City Players have plenty of choices as on the internet; you can find several companies offering Dragon City Hack solutions. It is the best opportunity for the players who are struggling to go further in their game as the game offers very few resources that can help them get advanced in the game. This Dragon city is an exciting and challenging game that makes the players plays the game for hours.

You need to take care of your dragons when they are small and make them stronger.  When you feel that your dragons are strong enough, then you can allow them to fight with other Dragon City Players.  The main objective of the game is to become the perfect dragon master.  But, to get to this position, you should have a recurring supply of Dragon city gold, foods, and gems. Along with the continuous supply, you should also require a large number of resources as well.  To get these resources, all you need to do is purchase dragon city gems.

About Dragon City Hack Tool

To buy the resources, the players must have enough money, and unfortunately not every player can spend money to buy resources in the game. It is one of the major reasons why the companies developed Dragon City Hack tool.  This tool allows every player, including the rich and poor to get the resources easily.


Using this free Dragon City Hack Tool, you can produce unlimited free gems, foods, and gold for your account.  You can cheat the Dragon City using the web based tool, which means you don’t need to download anything. You just need to use the Dragon City Hack to go advanced in your game.

On the internet, you can find several gaming websites that offer user-friendly Dragon City Cheats and Dragon City Hack tool. Even if you are not an experienced player, you can still find it easy to use the hack tool. All that you need to do is, follow simple rules and instructions like providing your profile ID and selecting which platform like you are using IOS, or Android, or Facebook, once you select the platform, you just need to press the button.

Is it safe?

The best thing about this tool is, it can protect your account from getting a ban or being detected, the developer of the dragon city hack took the utmost care about this hack tool while developing.  The players can use these Dragon City Hack tool without any worry as the developers created an advanced encryption system that keeps every player’s information safe.

How to access and use it?

To get the online Dragon city generator, you need to provide your email id or username; this generator also allows you to generate resources to your friends. The next step is, enter or select a quantity of gold, but you should not exceed the limit. Similarly, select a quantity of food and gems, which should not exceed the limit.  Also, select if you want to allow ABP (Anti Ban Protection), it is enabled automatically. Click Access Online button below and you will be redirected to the tool site.

dragon city hack

I see the verification step?

The reason why you are seeing this verification process is to verify that you are human. Because a lot of people are using bots to access our hack tool. This is slowing down our servers and sometimes they get down. So complete this step to get your free gems gold and food. To complete it just verify by selecting one of options. Verify by completing one survey or call us. The second option is available only for some countries. We suggest to go with the first option.

Click Generate button and the process of adding free resources to your account will start!


  1. Click Access Online Tool button
  2. Complete your account details(username or email)
  3. Enter or select the amount of gems, gold and food
  4. Leave ABP ON
  5. Click Generate button
  6. Complete verification step
  7. Enjoy your free resources




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